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Pflegepraxis für psychische Gesundheit - Tees, Esk und Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust

University of Sunderland
3 Jahre
On campus
25 April 2022

Beschreibung Pflegepraxis für psychische Gesundheit - Tees, Esk und Wear Valley NHS Foundation Trust

BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing Practice führt zur Registrierung als qualifizierte Krankenschwester für psychische Gesundheit. Sie werden bereit sein, aktiv mitzuarbeiten und mit einer hochmodernen Belegschaft zusammenzuarbeiten, die fürsorgliche, mitfühlende und restaurative Interventionen für Menschen mit psychischen Problemen und Krankheiten bietet. Als kritischer Denker bieten Sie eine effektive und aufrichtige, personenzentrierte Pflege auf der Grundlage einer modernen Evidenzbasis, die innerhalb eines Spektrums klinischer Fähigkeiten verwaltet und angewendet wird, einschließlich der Überwachung und Förderung der körperlichen Gesundheit sowie zwischenmenschlicher therapeutischer Fähigkeiten zur Förderung der Genesung und positives seelisches Wohlbefinden.

Sie sind kompetent und sicher in der Arbeit mit und der Unterstützung eines ganzheitlichen Ansatzes in verschiedenen Umgebungen, um das psychische Wohlbefinden von Familien und Betreuern mit einem psychisch belasteten Angehörigen zu gewährleisten. Die Zusammenarbeit mit Multi-Professionals und -Diensten wird die beste Versorgung und die besten Ergebnisse für Menschen mit psychischen Erkrankungen gewährleisten.

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Year 1 :

Enquiry for Nursing Practice

Develop the required skills for evidence-based practice. Build upon existing study skills required to meet the academic requirements of the course. Gain insight into engagement with learning styles, teaching methods and the assessment process. Practice using source materials for the purpose of referencing and citation. Present work to a variety of audiences, for example; peers, academic staff, practice colleagues and Patient, Carer, Public Involvement (PCPI) participants.

Bio-psychosocial Principles of Health and Wellbeing

Learn through a systems-based approach to anatomy and physiology, psychology and microbiology using patient journeys as illustrations to enhance learning. Explore human health and wellbeing in the context of Public Health and symptoms of disease. Learn to communicate complex medical terminology to both colleagues and patients in an understandable manner through engagement in discussions of practice experiences with both peers and Patient Carer, Public Involvement (PCPI) participants.

Develop your understanding of the physiological processes, anatomical and cognitive structures of the human body beginning at a molecular and cellular level and culminating in a complete overview of organs and systems. Explore overarching themes in anatomy, physiology pathophysiology, and neurology supported by taught sessions that facilitate inquiry-based learning.

Foundations of Nursing Practice

Explore the core skills of nursing and take a holistic view of the individual focusing on health promotion, comprehensive assessment and the application of evidence-based practice. Understand models of reflective practice to support learning and professional development while supporting the development of building effective relationships with clients and others involved in the provision of healthcare. Focus on three core elements that reflect the competence, professionalism and underpinning knowledge which characterise a high-quality nursing workforce which underpins the values base of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Gain necessary psychomotor skills to perform the core and essential skills of nursing practice through interactive clinical skills sessions with PCPIs in our Living Lab and Mental Health and Wellbeing Suite. Explore the consequences of error and negligence in a risk-free environment through considerable simulated experience.

Practice Placement 1

Apply theoretical components to clinical practice. Study models of reflective practice together with an overview of interprofessional working. Gain experience and insight into lived patient experience. Understand the importance of respecting an individual’s autonomy and right to make decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

Year 2:

Application of Evidence Based Practice for Nurses

Develop an understanding of the key issues related to healthcare practice informed by the best available evidence to support shared decision making. Explore the nature of evidence available to inform practice and discuss sourcing the evidence for practice. Gain critical appraisal skills and debate how best available evidence can be integrated into healthcare practice and healthcare policy. Explore the nature of knowledge and how this underpins nursing and healthcare practice. Debate the ethical issues that underpin best practice including consent and risk management. Use a range of research methods and explore their merits and appropriate use. Explore the nature of clinical judgment and research integration.

Holistic Nursing for Altered Physiology to Promote Well Being

Gain knowledge of major pathological and physiological changes in the human body, occurring as a result of common diseases, and disease processes. Explore the manifestations, impacts and interventions of illness and disease. Build on your foundational knowledge of physical and human sciences and explore altered pathological and physiological change. Use a range of teaching and learning strategies to explore the impact of these changes and define the implications for nursing practice. Study co-morbidity and medico pharmaceutical treatments and modalities in order to enhance wellbeing and recovery, within the context of ethical and professional frameworks.

Practice Placement 2

Develop knowledge and the application of nursing practice interventions to provide evidence-based, safe, and compassionate physical and psychological care. Effectively assess, plan and implement care and demonstrate a range of nursing interventions. Develop skills and knowledge to formulate a nursing plan of care and undertake observations and clinical interventions with less direct supervision.

Year 3 :


Attend formal sessions which explore the evidence base of nursing practice, the range and hierarchy of evidence for particular healthcare issues. On this basis, select a particular area in your field of nursing. Develop your ability to make informed use of published research and other sources of evidence and information in order to apply findings to enhance practice; enabling your production of an independent, negotiated project that analyses an aspect of your discipline.

Leadership and Interprofessional Learning

Develop knowledge and understanding in self-awareness, improving healthcare and working with others. Gain an understanding of key leadership theories and models. Explore your application to healthcare and reflect on your personal strengths along with areas for development. Explore the role of service improvement techniques, approaches in service provision and development to improve healthcare, developing an understanding of clinical governance. Consider roles and responsibilities of all professionals alongside the values of team work in interprofessional care.

Explore carer and user perspectives in interprofessional care settings to illuminate personal experiences of interprofessional care. Explore the challenges of shared decision making in interprofessional practice through interactive workshop sessions. Study ethical issues in the context of interprofessional working to drive discussion and debate and gain insight into challenges faced from a variety of professional viewpoints. Study the impact of information technology, healthcare informatics and issues in transcultural healthcare provision.

Integrated Practice Placement 3

Develop your knowledge and application of nursing to practice within a range of clinical settings. Study care provision across the human lifespan including the health and wellbeing continuum. Learn biological, psychological and sociological theory in the context of person-centred care. Focus on individuals with complex health needs with emphasis on the concept of co-morbidity and the implications for care this entails. Explore pharmacological principles and concordance.

Stipendien & Finanzierung

Several scholarship options are available, Please visit university website for more information.


The full-time annual fee for this course is:

  • £9,250 if you are from theUK/Europe*
  • £12,500 if you are an international student


Successful completion of the course will lead to registration with the NMC as a qualified mental health nurse, enabling you to apply for graduate mental health nursing posts available within the NHS, voluntary and private sector services in the UK.

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