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Studentische Reviews für University of Birmingham

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A money worthy course. A lot of important values and teachings are provided. Looking forward to it.
Ceridwen Scerri, Research Analyst, European Affairs at the Government of Malta
An Online MBA is a win-win scenario for busy professionals like myself. I can keep my job while studying in my own time and at my own pace. When choosing a University I had three criteria. The first was communication, met through weekly synchronous sessions. The second was the University’s ranking and recognition: Birmingham is a Russell Group U...
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Andrew Lavin, Global Head of Asset and Fleet Management, Agrekko
I chose the University of Birmingham mainly because I had already experienced the world class teaching from my previous degree. I chose online mainly due to my travel commitments: I spend a large proportion of time on aeroplanes and in hotels for work, so it gives me adequate time to complete both reading and assignments. I chose to study online...
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Jane Mutanmangira, Managing Director, a Luxury Transport Company
I chose to study an Online MBA because I wanted to expand my knowledge and improve my managerial skills. I decided to study with the University of Birmingham, primarily because their degrees are so internationally recognised. However, it has also given me good exposure to different cultures and allowed me to study and wok at the same time. It's ...
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Dzmitry Artsiomenka, Managing Director, BPC
I hope that studying for an MBA will open up new horizons for my career. I chose to study online as I travel a lot for work. Therefore, distance learning became the only option for me. I speak from experience: I initially began my MBA on campus in Singapore, but had to tranfer to online due to my job commitments.
Patrick Gettleman, Global Procurement Manager, Leading Technology Company
Getting an MBA has been on my mind for the past 10 years. I have always viewed the world as 'the more education you have then more opportunities that are available'. The advancement in online learning helped open up the door for me to accomplish my long held goal of getting an MBA. The online courses have advanced greatly in both their curricul...
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Ligia Soares, current Online MSc International Business student (United Kingdom)
Studying an Online MSc International Business brings with it the flexibility and the possibility to study with people from various countries and different backgrounds, which brings a melting pot of perspectives during the classes. The programme offers effective opportunities for interactivity with tutors, module leaders and directors – each of ...
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Florence Britton, Director at Rainbow Care Solutions
Studying online gives me the benefit of developing my career without having to leave my responsibilities of managing my own company. It has helped me as a person and it has helped my business. For every module I have studied, I have done something to improve my business. For example, when we completed the strategy module I re-developed my compan...
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Roberto Lionti, current Online MSc International Business student (Belgium)
I chose to study the Online MSc International Business because I was eager to get out there and earn practical work experience. An online degree was the perfect way to make the most of my time, because it allowed me to work while studying, and most importantly study when I wanted to - a distinct advantage over weekend/after-work university cours...
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Kathirvel Balakrishnan, Solution Architect, the National Grid
It did not take much time to conclude that the University of Birmingham was the right choice for me due to the reputation of it's academics, world rankings and research achievements. I was confident I would gain all the necessary support during my transition and transformation into the world of business. Originally, I applied for the Online MSc ...
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Helena Feibert, current Online MSc International Business student (Denmark)
Studying online ensures an internationally composed classroom, which complements the programme well. It adds substance and inspiration from different people and from different cultures. I find this enriching to online sessions, discussions and networking. The Online MSc International Business felt more suited to my current career level. It will...
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Safiya Carroll, current Online MSc International Business student (Jamaica)
With an Online MSc International Business, my options are not limited as this course allows anyone who studies it to work in career fields such as; Marketing, Import and Export, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Logistics just to name a few. The University of Birmingham applies a great ‘hands-on’ approach to teaching online - whether through online...
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