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Studentische Reviews für University CEU Cardenal Herrera

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CEU has a large and international campus where a wide part of the countries in the world are represented. Many languages are spoken in the hallway, the international office makes sure you take your marks and can get all of the needed documentation to graduate in Spain. They help you out to settle and even create a bank account. A lot of courses ...
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Mehdi A
I personally think that the pharmacy program in CEU is complete, makes your knowledge grow and ends up making students confident pharmacists, as a student I just think that the Ceu should give the opportunity to students if they want to do the whole program in english or like know have the choice to change in spanish the third year.
Teaching of the subjects in general is on a good level I think. What is missing is clearly a material and supplies shop for model making and other things necessary for an architectural school. Another thing that I (and I'm sure not only me) would welcome is a cantine with an option of eating healthy for a reasonable price for students because no...
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Sara H
The university’s architecture department is quite small, with small classes, giving us students a good learning atmosphere. I’m currently on my 4th year, and the mass of work is increasing a lot, but this is done in a very understanding way, enabling us to think about quality rather than quantity.
Laura S.
Having so many nationalities in each class allows to have a bigger overview of how architecture works in other countries, improving your skills. Education is really personal, with close teachers which are always able to help you
Suvi E.
My overall experience in CEU Cardenal Herrera has been really great. I started my studies at 2017 in English and I will be finishing my studies in Spanish in 2022. I think it's great that my university has this opportunity to do this. What it comes to the practice part, there is also a new veterinary hospital right near my faculty which facilit...
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The international atmosphere is pretty good on campus because classmates come from different country. Therefore, It’s a great opportunity to make friends from different cultures with different languages. In the first year of dentistry, we spend most of our time studying basic biological knowledge , learning the structure and function of th...
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CEU offers a great bilingual program, the first year was in English and I was offered Spanish classes throughout that year and that prepared me for the second year that was completely in Spanish. I really enjoy studying at CEU and getting to experience a new culture.
The general consensus from my friends and family when I said I wanted to study veterinary medicine in a country where I couldn’t speak a word of the language was that I should perhaps rethink my idea! However, I am now in my fourth year at CEU and though there has been times that it’s been challenging, there is no doubt in my mind that I made th...
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Its been 3 Years since I started my studies at CEU. I left my Country and thought that it was going to be very difficult, but to my big surprise I was wrong. At CEU not only the students makes you feel at home but also all the academic teams and everyone who works there. The care they provide us with is simply amazing and nothing is ever lef...
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Good teaching and good clinical skills learnt
Awesome, helpful coordination and profs. Great supportive atmosphere and vibes.
Celine H
The pharmacy degree is really nice here because we have a lot of practices that help us a lot for the future as pharmacist. The services offered by the university are really good and we can ask for help anytime for any problem we have especially for foreign students thanks to hospitality service.

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