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Studentische Reviews für Hult International Business School

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Inês C. S.
Hult is a great university where you are surrounded from people from all over the world! It is definitely a great environment that inspires you to do more and better. What distinguishes Hult from the most traditional universities is that it has a more practical approach and professors share their own experiences and professional knowledge apart ...
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Hult is an excellent school for those who want an innovative, startup-esque feel to their university. While Hult’s teaching is very solid, the university’s real strength is in its support for students to do more outside of academics with a host of real clients coming to classrooms, strong professional clubs, and a startup incubator. The emphasis...
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Erica M.
During those months that I’ve been learning what was the definition of being a Hult Student. Being a Hultian means learning to work with everyone. People from different nationalities and different backgrounds. Being a Hultian means being open to meet new people who will then become your closest friend. Being a Hultian is spending time not on...
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Anna G
I love how supportive the professors are! I’m learning so much not only about theories but also how to apply them in projects with real live clients. Super diverse and including culture! I met so many great people!
Srisha R
Hult gives a dose of the real world. Hult is a very different education institution, through out studying students get to travel and study in a few of the best cities in the world such as San Francisco, London, Dubai etc. The program at Hult is a very hands on program, as students we don't just sit in lectures and get spoon fed information by pr...
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Lorenzo V.
As a first-year student at Hult International Business School, I can firmly say it provides a well-rounded education. Its triple accreditation (first American university) gives credibility to the academic standards and teaching quality. However, it offers much more than that. Starting from its global student body (120+ nationalities), there i...
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Arham J.
Academically being good is not just enough. And that's why I chose Hult. My A grades continued at Hult but what changed was that Hult made me work on my personality though engaging assignments and task. I can now interact with anyone, from any nationality without confidence. I feel more confident in just over 7 months than I was before.
So far my journey at Hult Boston has been so exciting. I've got the opportunity to learn on such a diverse community. Aside from the community, Hult holds a wide range of events every week for you from workshops, networking events, career developments, club events. The key is to be active, in order for you to enjoy the Hult experience to the ful...
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May J.
Hult allows me to be as creative as possible as it is one of the key factor in today business world. I have decided to continued my study after a year of graduating from my bachelor in Thailand to further my knowledge field in business. The core factors I was looking for were international, diversities and practical in term of the learning proce...
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Christina C.
I am on my second year now at Hult International Business School on the Undergraduate London campus, and this institution has changed my perspective. It is truly international, allowing us to leverage the different nationalities found in the classroom, and it is dynamic, hands-on. On my first semester at university, I was already consulting for ...
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Hult has an open learning culture, student bodies are full of self-driven highly motivated individuals, you learn more than what the classroom can teach you here: Social tacit skills about professionalism in an international context, that you won't get in any other academic university type environments. Close ties with large corporations, S&...
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Hult is a great university dedicated to teaching students how to lead and change the world. Their students, professors and available facilities give you access and a great opportunity to connect with some of the greatest people and minds from all around the world. Hult is a university that is truly top tier and the students who attend it are...
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I was introduced to Hult International Business School by Professor Olaf while I was traveling through Europe. Professor Olaf described Hult as a university with hands on professors who allow students to think for themselves and encourage them to be entrepreneurs. I was very interested when Professor Olaf told me he has traveled the world ...
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My experience at Hult International Business School has been amazing! Starting at the San Francisco campus and ending on the London campus gave me the opportunity to connect with an international community as all my classmates are from all over the world. What I like about Hult are the incredible opportunities they give us to rotate too many dif...
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From the professors to the administration at the university, everyone here is more than amazing. It is obvious that this university has so much care for all of the students from the MBA's to Undergraduates and even first-year undergraduates’ students like me. I have never seen a school community so close. 90% of the classmates I had were from di...
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I enjoyed studying for my BBA at Hult in San Francisco. I have not only learned from experienced professionals, but I have also connected with a friendly international community. Classes at Hult are small, which has facilitated my learning experience. Since there was a small number of students in each classroom, I was able to participate more ...
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It is interesting, being first an intern turned student. I was able to see the behind the scenes of Hult and still decided to get my masters here. I will say that this masters is something I will never forget as it really pushed me into my passions and made me more aware of how international business and education is something I really want to d...
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The MSc programme provided opportunities for me meet more people and expand my network globally across 123 nationalities in just my intake alone. It also offered the chance for a practical application of business studies by working on a final capstone consulting work for a business client in social media analytics at the end of the year. Prof...
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I studied my MIB at Hult in Boston and it was a really great experience. I came into Hult straight out of underegrad so I didn't have any previous work experience, but being in the hult classroom made me feel like I was in a workplace. During my year I ended up working with a few real companies as part of some classes (the Hult Business Challeng...
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I finished by MBA at Hult in 2016. I attended the Boston campus and then rotated to London and Shanghai. In total, It was a really amazing experience. It was a lot of work FOR SURE. But the students who were willing to put in the work saw the best results. Whenever someone asks me to a Hult Review, I always say that Hult doesn't hand you everyth...
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I came to Hult (SF) looking for not only a good and practical marketing master, but also a truly international classroom and a school that would help me develop my leadership, networking and other important personal skills. I was not disappointed. Hult provided me with plenty of opportunities for personal development; there were skills classes, ...
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Hult has given me the opportunity to study on two campus. I started my Hult journey in London, where I now live and work. During "module D", I traveled to Asia for the first time, which was an enriching experience for my studies and understanding of business in one of the world's biggest economies, but also culturally and socially. Furthermor...
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Leyla Cabrera
In my time in Hult I faced many challenges being the first one moving to a country with a totally different culture on the other side of the world. This made me come out of my comfort zone and work hard to meet new people from all over the world. Hult concentrates projects in team work, which challenges you to find harmony between four or five n...
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Lee Whittington III
Hult is unlike any other institution. I've had the opportunity to obtain my masters across three campuses: Shanghai, London, Dubai. I've met students from literally every part of the world, and been able to learn about multiple cultures beyond just my three campuses. Beyond the academia, the real value of Hult lies in the connections and experie...
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My Hult Experience so far can be summarised in three highlights: diversity, challenges, and personal development. First, with about 35 nationalities in my class alone, I have had the chance to get to know people from around the world both in a professional and a personal level This Global Empathy, as we beautifully call it, is a huge benefit ...
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