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Studentische Reviews für CETT-UB Campus de Turisme, Hoteleria i Gastronomia

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Gabriela G.
I studied Gastronomy in my country and later I decided to study a Masters at CETT which is an expert institution in research and innovation and has many partner companies within the gastronomic and touristic sectors.
Sol C.
The most valuable for me are the possibility to study real cases and the link with both public and private institutions within the gastronomic sector. It is interesting to highlight the visits to museums and a wide range of companies as well.
Frank L.
My experience has been unique. I consider that the teaching method is excellent and the recruitment event was a great opportunity to present ourselves to the companies. I certainly recommend it. In fact I already did it.
Elia C.
I recommend that degree because students learn the different aspects of that sector.
Amèlia S.
Students gain a global knowledge and it is worth it.
Claudia M.
My 4 years at CETT have been fantastic, I highlight the international exchanges because I think it is very important to live abroad, discover new teaching methods, universities, different cultures… Thanks to CETT students get in touch with many companies and the university provides permanent mentoring while doing the internship which I really ap...
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Victor C.
I really enjoyed the internship, I learned a lot and apart from the marks I got I highlight the experience to go abroad. In my case I was at a hotel reception during a whole summer. Students can choose among a wide range of possibilities.
Joan I.P.
A wide knowledge in all aspects concerning cooking and gastronomy.
Inge H.
I like the fact that it focuses on practical situations and research projects and the labour market.
Marta V.
I decided to study at CETT because it is a school affiliated to the University of Barcelona which is a prestigious institution and also for the exchange programs and interesting academic offer. I think it is the best school to study tourism in Barcelona. I like the facilities and the fact that they have recently been renovated. I had the chance ...
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Laia M.
The main reason why I chose CETT to study tourism is because of the wide international exchange programs they offer and the specializations. It makes you feel like home. I would also highlight the accademic offer, mainlly the professors and the chances to go abroad.
Sergi M.
I would highlight the small student groups in class that allow a closer approach to professors. I have learned how to manage my own company. We have had the chance to meet experts in that field thanks to CETT's links with institutions and companies.
Anna F.
What I appreciate the most from these 4 years at CETT are the people I have met, both the expert professors and my colleagues and also all the knowledge that has made me grow at personal, academic and professional levels.
Oriol F.
I will never forget my experience at CETT, these 4 years have been fantastic. Now that I am about to finish my degree I highlight the professors' great job, CETT’s facilities and the knowledge I have gained. I also point out the importance of choosing between 2 specializations since it allows an in depth study. In my case, I have chosen tourism ...
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Marina P.
You feel like you are part of a big family at CETT, especially in the final year you realize professors have become your “parents”, your mentors.
Rodrigo M.
We have learned the new trends within the sector. CETT offers lots of services and facilities.

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