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Maria E
I have completed my studies for the MSc in International Hospitality Management degree at B.H.M.S. During my studies I enjoyed my time every day in Switzerland and I still feel I want to go back there again and again. As B.H.M.S. is a multinational school, I was surprised with the many different people from various cultural backgrounds while ...
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Studying at BHMS has been amazing, the students are very nice and open minded and the lecturers are really professional. During the studies for the MSc in International Hospitality management, I have experienced and learned the many different sides of the hospitality management, from planning and developing in a hotel, to hiring and retaining...
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I am doing right now the Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management at B.H.M.S. and it is a really nice experience. It is an international school, daily I meet and talk with people from all around the world. The relationship with my classmates and my professors is really nice , everyone is friendly and happy to help you with whatever you need dur...
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Studying at BMHS has helped me a lot with my career. The school placed me at the Marriott in Zurich. I had the chance to meet great people and I will never forget this opportunity. I am planning to open my business in Russia and I know I will never forget the experience in Switzerland. Study a Master's in Europe scholarship 2019/2020

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